Wanna HANGOUT with Conchita?

All the world’s abuzz over Conchita. Whether it’s the beard, the voice, the fashion, or her company and fanbase „The Unstoppables“, she has certainly risen like a phoenix and taken the world by storm.

We first met Conchita at last year’s TEDxAmRing event at the Hofburg, in cooperation with the Vienna Life Ball, where we quickly realized that she was born to tell her story on whatchado. Much to our excitement, we finally managed to interview her in October 2014. Like many of our other interviewees, Conchita has certainly gone her own way and has left her mark on the global stage, and has taken flight beyond casting shows, singing contests, catwalks, and advertising.

It just goes to show that no matter who you are and where you come from, you can achieve whatever you desire, as long as you put in hard work and dedication, always believe in yourself, and just go for it. Even if that means swimming against the tide or questioning cultural norms, defying expectations can pay off in the end.

As any artist may tell you, it is not easy gaining a foothold in the cultural sector. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even really matter if you’re a singer, a dancer, a visual artist, or a writer: it seems that the image of the starving artist is still very present and palpable, and anyone who wants to earn their living through creative output is often relegated to freelance work and odd jobs on the side. In many countries like Austria, many artists must run the gamut of underpaid and unglamorous internships and must come out unscathed and still willing to continue, only to restart the cycle with application letters and concept papers for subsidy programs and stipends. The creative process is all too often interrupted by seemingly endless streams of red tape, call for papers, funding funding funding.

Sure, it’s easy to be disheartened and discouraged, but that is the easy way out. Conchita’s story is just one example of many of how hard work, persistence, and dedication can land you a platinum album, multiple job requests, and a steady following. She is not the only one: on our art topic page, you will meet many other people who have found a way to turn their passion into their calling against all odds. From Santa Claus to musicians, from clowns to ballet dancers: the only limits are really those you define for yourself. Check them out!

If you need more convincing and would like to discover more about Conchita and her inspiring story, watch the Hangout we had on Monday, June 8, where Conchita talks to her fans live.

See you online! :)

Foto: Markus Morianz

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