Wanna HANGOUT with Conchita?

All the world’s abuzz over Conchita. Whether it’s the beard, the voice, the fashion, or her company and fanbase „The Unstoppables“, she has certainly risen like a phoenix and taken the world by storm. We first met Conchita at last year’s TEDxAmRing event at the Hofburg, in cooperation with the Vienna Life Ball, where we quickly realized that she… Continue reading

„Servus und welcome“ – whatchado goes international

We’re happy to announce that we’re now an international platform! :) So here’s our story starting – as we did – in German (Austrian! ;) ) ’n then switching to English. 27. Juni, 2011: whatchado startet mit 17 Lebensgeschichten und der Mission, die Lebensstorys der Welt einzufangen und diese der ganzen Welt zur Verfügung zu… Continue reading

Why every story counts

In the 2 months I spent here in Tokyo I met a lot of great and extraordinary people. Maybe it’s the charm of Tokyo that attracts those people, maybe it’s my interest and search for those characters. But more likely it is just that every person is indeed extraordinary and every person HAS a story to tell. I… Continue reading